There was nothing 
kuch bhi naheen tha...


Single channel video, sound.
14 min. 15 secs.

AAN- Gandhara Artspace,Karachi 2017 & Maraya Art Center, Sharjah- 2018,Sharjah Film Platform.Sharjah Art Foundation. Jan. 2019

This film is set in the context of urban renewal encroaching upon one of Karachi’s most magical public spaces, the Seaview beach. It frames a series of side conversations with about-to-be-displaced beach vendors, amid choreographies of their LED-lit beach buggies. They circle the beach and each other, lighting
up and disappearing, bending the real and the present into a series of future imaginaries– imaginaries of aspiration that participate in the collective loss of public space.

Credits: Krishna Raju, Jamil & Habib Khan ATV drivers, Ardad Khan. Sound Arif Bahalim. Additional cinematography Mahera Omar.